A Range Of Solutions

From our origins as a hedge fund research consultancy in 1991, FRM’s only business is developing solutions to assist clients to invest in and maximise the benefits they receive from hedge fund investing. Since the launch of our first flagship commingled portfolio in 1997, FRM has built upon this heritage to extend the range of solutions available to our clients.

Differentiated Investment strategies

Each of our investment strategies aims to capitalise on defined market opportunities and a disciplined approach in manager selection and are broadly classified as follows:



Seek stability and consistency of return.

  • Generally attempt to provide more consistent return profile. May offer income in some cases.
  • Tend to focus on fixed income, relative value equities and other approaches, while generally maintaining less directional market exposure than growth orientated strategies.
  • May apply leverage and depend on less liquid securities and strategies.



May provide portfolio diversification benefits due to historically low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income investments, and / or hedge against inflation.

  • Some trading strategies have historically exhibited low long-term correlation to traditional equity and bond investments.
  • Other strategies may act as a store of value, potentially limiting the impact of inflation over longer time horizons.
  • Some strategies can employ discretionary and systematic trading approaches across a wide range of markets and instruments. May use leverage and can be volatile.
  • Less liquid strategies generally have longer capital lock-ups and leverage risk.



Seek growth and capital appreciation.

  • May pursue a range of non-traditional investment techniques (e.g. concentration, hedging, shortselling, leverage, and derivatives).
  • May employ value-added approaches using public equities, private equities, credit, and other instruments, with the goal of enhancing returns, and in certain cases, mitigating on the downside. In some cases, may be more volatile than traditional equity strategies.



May employ one or more of the above strategies and are therefore may be suitable initial investment vehicle for early adopters of alternatives.

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