A hedge fund investment specialist built for today’s institutional investors. Our culture of innovation drives us to deliver the freshest thinking and approaches.

What sets us apart

With our origins as both a consultant and investor, hedge fund investing is encoded into our DNA. With over 26 years’ hedge fund research and investing experience, we believe that our accumulated knowledge combined with our flexible approach to hedge fund investing offers unique advantages to our clients.

We always seek to be differentiated and original in our thinking, while ensuring that our clients remain at the centre of everything we do. This means we are constantly driven to deliver the best performance, the freshest thinking and the newest approaches. A culture of innovation and a drive to stay ahead of the curve is reflected in every aspect of our business.



We are part of Man Group plc, one of the world’s largest alternative investment firms with US$ 112.7bn* under management. While operating independently, this structure brings us substantial financial backing and resources, as well as access to innovations and insights from a diverse range of alternative investment talent.



Founded in 1991, we have remained a dedicated advisor and solutions provider to hedge fund investing. For over ​26 years, we have been working with our clients in a variety of ways, opening up our global resources, staff, data, and analytical tools to clients as an extension of their internal teams.


Our platform is aimed at sourcing the most talented hedge fund managers globally. Our investment teams are located in Europe, Asia and the United States, giving us a global reach and in-depth understanding of local markets. This enables us to access high conviction managers that may not be available to individual clients.



We truly believe that a state-of the-art technology platform is crucial to the success of our business. Our institutional risk management framework underpins every aspect of our organisation. This is further supported by our cutting edge reporting and analytics, providing enhanced insight into the performance and risks of investors’ portfolios.


*Information as at 31 Mar 2018. The Man FRM figure used here is different from that quoted in the Q1 Trading Statement (USD 16.2 billion) released by Man Group on 12 Apr 2018. The former represents aggregate FUM at the product fund/strategy level while the latter breaks down FUM across the underlying related investment managers within a fund/strategy/product.


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